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5 Reasons Business Bootcamp Will Lead To Success

When I came across Gemma Went, a business mentor and digital strategist, I was having a humdinger end to 2017. Despite six years in business, I had encountered issues that made me realise the cracks in my business model.

Whilst it was a blessing to discover this, something had to shift. I was going to make positive changes and take steps to change things around. No more winging it, and I needed help.

In March 2018 Gemma launched her first Business Success Bootcamp. It’s a mastermind where you work through a structured course of weekly themes to set solid foundations for your business. You are supported by a group of fellow business owners and Gemma.

I couldn’t afford to join her main mastermind that year so was determined to make some positive changes to make her next round. You would have seen my previous post on why I believe coaches are important, and why it’s crucial to find the right one for you.

Here’s why Gemma was my choice.

Experience, Empathy And A No BS Approach

Gemma has built her own six-figure business through pure grit, determination and skill. That’s far more valuable than someone who’s never run a six-figure business themselves, only receiving accreditation from a course but not in practice.

However, it’s not just the success that’s invaluable, it’s the numerous setbacks and failures until success was achieved. This is something she’s very open and honest about and you benefit from the lessons she’s learnt along the way.

It means she’s aced the three core elements to any business – Mindset, Strategy and Action. Whilst she’s empathetic to the challenges you face, she’ll also hold you accountable to ensure you’re not stopping yourself from moving forward.

The ‘Why’ That Makes You Cry

I thought I had defined my ‘why’. I thought it was driving me to not only start but also continue despite everything, this crazy journey of being a business owner.

One of our brilliant tribe sisters from Bootcamp coined the phrase ‘The Why That Makes You Cry’. And that’s what I realised in this Bootcamp. Personally, if I know I’m helping others then I feel more energised to get the job done than simply pushing ahead to make money.

This was my favourite part of Bootcamp. I now see the bigger picture of what I want to achieve. I see how I’ve been playing small and how the skills, experiences, ideas and lessons I’ve acquired to date will help me. Was it scary? Yes, my inner critic likes to tell me I’m delusional to think so big! Did it make me cry? Yes, absolutely!

New Level New Devil

Resilience and determination – two key traits to help you deal with the inevitable ups and downs.

This a journey that will constantly and consistently test you.  You need to dig deep as to why you’re reacting the way you are, and what you need to do or say to overcome your blocks.

As Gemma says – ‘new level, new devil’.  Understanding this process has been transformational for people in our mastermind. I’ve even learned some new mindset practices that I’ve found have helped and incorporated into my daily routine.

The Gift of Time and (Head) Space

It’s important to have a plan and vision, but how do you make that a reality going forwards? How do you go from constantly working in your business to working on your business?

Clarity, understanding and confidence gives you razor-sharp focus and cuts out noise and distraction. Having systems in place provides simplicity and efficiency.

Also, I turned everything off – me, Miss ‘My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open’. I unsubscribed to anything and everything, left or muted online groups and networks, and instead focused on what needed to get done.

The rest I delegated to the right resource, allowing me time and headspace to complete tasks that will help me reach my goal faster.

Worth. Every. Penny!

Taking Action

Mindset, strategy and systems are all well and good, but if you don’t take action, you’re not going anywhere.

I’m finally now making fast and hard decisions to get things moving in the right direction. I’m prioritising the right things rather than let the wrong things wear me down.

Why? Because instead of just winging it, I actually now believe I know what I’m doing, or least I’m going to try again and again until I get it right.

So far after Bootcamp:

  • Grown the team to include a new VA to help me.
  • I’ve reviewed, verified and priced up my product roadmap rather than launch it blindly to create consistent income.
  • I have raised my pricing to reflect the true value I provide to 1:1 clients.
  • I’ve reviewed my financials and set targets and goals in place for 2019.
  • I finalised a content strategy and plan ready to shift my communications around this new approach.
  • I’ve set project deadlines to complete this and made sure I’m being held accountable.
  • I signed up to Gemma’s next level mastermind (the one I couldn’t originally afford) – Elevate.

Exciting times are ahead!

I believe that business owners should all take this journey. In fact, if every business owner embarked on this work they would save time and money building and growing their business with clarity and precision.

Business Success Bootcamp runs from May-August.

Shifting my business to providing online services is new territory for me. Rather trying to figure it out by myself, I have the support and experience of a talented and brilliant network of amazing business owners and coaches to help me.

Gemma’s next round of Elevate is due to open.

To Gemma and my Business Success Bootcamp sisters – here’s to the ‘whys’ that makes us cry!

KV Communications Founder; Helping Businesses with Passion, Heart and Purpose by providing Clarity, Confidence and Connections in Marketing and PR.

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