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Carry On Regardless – Creating The Business and Life You Want

I haven’t written a blog in over a year. Maybe when you see the last blog I wrote (A goodbye to President Obama and his leadership) it’s probably understandable why I’ve been quiet – mainly watching what’s become of these so-called ‘leaders’.

However, I’ve kick-started this blog again as despite whatever goes on around us – from questionable leadership, a shaky economy, blasted social media algorithms to difficult personal situations – that’s not a reason to stop but to push on regardless and make your own way to create the business or life you want.

“Don’t wait for others to bring you flowers, plant your own garden.” – Nidhi Choudry

Here’s the deal

“Being an entrepreneur is like jumping off a cliff and building a plane on the way down”

I haven’t met one business owner who doesn’t feel out of their comfort zone on this journey, myself included. This journey was certainly not in the plan; retiring in a high paying in-house position THAT was in the plan…..trying to build a plane whilst plummeting back to earth…not so much!

Whilst it’s by far the best, most rewarding choice I’ve made, I’ve only just started to feel like I’m moving in the right direction. It’s taken precious time to get to this stage – could I have done it faster? Most probably. But I’m not going to regret the journey as I’ve learnt a hell of a lot about my industry, clients, my services and approach.

However, recently I took the step to work with a business coach.

For years I’ve known that I’ve needed to work with someone; you can’t build a successful business without great people around you. However, I couldn’t find anyone that I felt had hit the mark or was the right fit for me.

Like every industry, you get some interesting characters, and coaches have raised my hackles somewhat. I’ve met some people, who confidently crow they can transform lives, and yet their actions speak volumes.

One time I was at an event with a friend of mine and met someone who ‘takes clients away from the toxicity of corporate life and gives them the six-figure lifestyle they desire’.

Sounds impressive right? She explained how coaching others saved her from the vileness of corporate life. She had been a coach for six months, got her accreditation but had not actually built this lifestyle for herself……from scratch.

Want to hear the best part?

And as we stood there listening to her, then came the corker (and she’s not the only coach I’ve met who does this): in the middle of asking us what we do, she stopped listening. Actually, started looking at her phone and looking around.

If you’re lacking the most basic function in human connectivity or just basic manners to listen – then how can you help others?

To clarify, I’ve met and recommended some great coaches and have loved their results. My own experience is that the right coach can shift things dramatically for you, so it’s worth the wait.

I’ll talk more about my experience working with my coach in the next blog. However, every business owner needs to find (if not create) their own way and sometimes you need help to navigate through those waters. Just make sure you’ve got the right person with you on that journey.

What’s the bottom line?

There will always be lots of external reasons and excuses as to why we might fail but that shouldn’t stop us. We might question the leadership or environment around us but that should not dictate our success. We can find our own inspiration and support closer to home. We need to work with and lean on others around us – whether it’s the team, a coach, a mentor, your peers – someone can always teach you something new!

KV Communications Founder; Helping Businesses with Passion, Heart and Purpose by providing Clarity, Confidence and Connections in Marketing and PR.

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