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dear business owner

Running a business and being a respected leader in your field is hard work.

  • Perhaps you didn’t realise how important and time-consuming marketing would be?
  • You feel like you’re doing ‘half jobs’ everywhere, with not enough focus or implementation on your marketing to see an impact.
  • You have to learn an entirely different skillset.
  • You don’t have the budget to outsource right now.
clarity tailor made training

Perhaps you’ve tried to make progress but:

  • You no longer want vague free training with a sales pitch to long programmes at the end.
  • The different aspects of marketing are still vague, confusing and overwhelming – you still can’t connect the dots.
  • You want to know how to realistically work within your budget and resources available.

Imagine if:

  • You could see clearly where the value lies in your marketing activity, for your
  • You didn’t feel fear, dread or uncertainty when it comes to marketing and PR.
  • You had experience and impartial advice to help support you to the next level of your business growth both before and after the training.

Welcome To Our Training Workshops

Instead let’s get strategic by fully understanding ‘why’ you’re choosing this marketing activity for the business.

We’ll get practical on ‘how’ it will to achieve your business goals.  We’ll show you exactly ‘what’ to do (or not to do) to get results.

What to expect:

  • You’ll receive clarity in what marketing activity need to be taken, fully informed, no BS and tailor-made on how to navigate around potential challenges to make your business a success
  • You’ll be given the confidence to spend your time, budget and resources wisely
  • You’ll build your brand through your marketing comms and channels more effectively
  • You and your team will have a clear and agreed plan to implement activity – there’ll be no stopping you.
  • We’ll remove the overwhelm and replace with inspiration, excitement and even fun!
  • We’ll help you build better connections with your peers, customer and media
  • You’ll build your reputation, credibility and develop trust and loyalty

Examples of the some of the tailor-made sessions we’ve carried out for clients:

  • Developing your marketing strategy
  • Developing your PR strategy
  • Getting the best ROI from your social media activity
  • Understanding PR and how to build your reputation
  • How to use Instagram to boost your business
  • How Pinterest can convert sales for your business

Example price for full workshop £459 + VAT

clarity tailor made sessions

Kristel ran a one-to-one PR masterclass with me, it was simply brilliant. Gone are my previous misconceptions that PR is ‘fluffy’. Her clear, methodical and innovative approach is extremely engaging and I realise now the many ways that PR can really build brand reputation.

Sonia Danner, Marketing

Insightful and inspiring training session lead with much generosity and patience. Thank you!

Nadiah Sorait, Creative Brand Leader for ikisho and eho chef

I have just come out of Social Media consultation and review with Kristel and I have been blown away at just how much I have learnt in such a small amount of time.

Matt Blacker, Hope For The Young

Our Instagram training was invaluable in explaining how to get the most out of a business website using Instagram. Kristel explained everything step by step in a clear and comprehensive way.

Nicky Marks, Raj Tents

How We Work

Unlike other workshops this is dedicated to your business requirements to help you and your teams. We’ll be digging deep to learn more about your business and how best to develop a tailormade training workshop for you and your team.

  1. Q&A – Determining what you are trying to achieve, key challenges and how best to move forward.
  2. Research – Business and marketing review by KV Comms.
  3. Training session – Delivered online for you and your teams with video recording available.
    • Overview of key marketing activity selected and importance/relevance to your business.
    • Review feedback – understanding your business, your market and what appeals to your customers/audience in your activity.
    • How to carry out your chosen marketing activity to deliver the best ROI.
    • Practical tips, advice and focused recommendations to implement.
    • How to evaluate and measure activity.
  4. Follow up session to review activity/progress.
    • Opportunity to discuss any challenges and results.

About Kristel

about kristel

Hi I’m Kristel, a PR and marketing specialist with over 20 years’ industry experience.

My clients have ranged from major brand names and organisations to small businesses and starts ups. I’ve worked in consumer and B2B sectors across food and drink, travel, health, wellness, consumer tech, leisure and entertainment and more.

Over the years the marketing landscape has changed and business owners and marketers alike switch from one ‘magic pill’ activity to the next, missing the fundamental core of building brands.

Born out of frustration and desire for businesses to succeed, the training sessions were created to empower business owners, SMEs and their teams. Through better understanding and knowledge, they embark on a holistic marketing approach that digs deep into a client’s business for noticeable results and true impact.

I look forward to speaking with you and finding out how we can support your business goals.

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