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dear business owner

You need expertise and know-how in your marketing but also short-term support for a flying start.

You have no idea what you need to do and how you’re going to do it?

If only someone could provide you with good advice and show you the way.

If only you could hire someone to learn from and empower you and your team to take over once you’re ready.

There’s only one of you or a small team and you need trusted support.

You’re procrastinating and letting your marketing goals slip away.

strategy plus planning

Welcome to the Strategy + Planning service

What would it mean for your business to have short term marketing support in your company?

  • One that could work alongside you and your vision for the business.
  • One that could create your strategy and set up the marketing activity on your behalf
  • One who factors in your budget limits and maximises spend for better return.
  • One that introduce key contacts to you, and negotiates great partnerships on your behalf
  • One that steers you in the right direction, sets you up and helps you sail onwards

We’re offering a flexible and supportive solution that fits nicely between in-house and agency solutions until you can invest into more long term support.

Similar to learning to riding a bike, we’re like the stabilisers for your marketing needs.

What you will receive

  • Peace of mind that your marketing is being handled professionally, freeing your time to handle other aspects of the business
  • An additional team member to work alongside with whilst no longer feeling isolated
  • Guidance and support to ‘show you the ropes’, helping you understand the process and what to expect
  • Space to work more creatively and with better energy and excitement around your business and how you communicate this to others in your community.

What’s included (example support package provided)

  • Briefing session going through your business goals, objectives, values, messaging and targets
  • Review, research and create marketing strategy that will help you reach your business goals
  • Development of tailor-made marketing and PR campaigns for the year
  • Development of tailor-made social media strategy and content plan
    • Work with team on training or social media management
  • Set up key marketing channels required i.e. newsletters, social media channels
  • Meetings with key media and business partnerships to plan activity for the year ahead

Prices on request based on requirements and packages start from £1,500 + VAT. Additional training required costed separately.

A little about me – Kristel Valaydon

about kristel

Hi I’m Kristel, a PR and marketing specialist who thrives on helping business make a positive impact in their sector.

I have working across a diverse range of markets in the consumer and B2B sectors across food and drink, travel, health, wellness, consumer tech, leisure and entertainment and more.

Many clients are completely overwhelmed and need someone they can trust to represent them and their interests to get their marketing off the ground.

We delve deep to understand your business to provide you with an intuitive service and act as an extension of your team.

We’re fully transparent; we believe it’s in your interest to understand this process to help you move forward with ease and confidence, quickly and efficiently.

I look forward to speaking with you soon to discuss how I can support your goals.

Look who we’ve been supporting.

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