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The Founder

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, I’m thrilled to have you here.

Here’s a little introduction to the ‘KV’ behind KV Communications.

Perhaps it’s the south east London/Kent roots but I’m a little rebel at heart and love a good underdog story.

I feel at home with the misfits, creators and innovators who want to tear up the rule books. They don’t do as they’re told ‘because that’s how things are done’, but do things differently because it’s the right thing to do. They blaze their own trail and in turn, empower and inspire others.

I started my company for two reasons; firstly, I wanted to work on my own terms. Secondly, I saw a disconnect in the client-agency model and wanted the freedom and flexibility to create solutions that could help both sides.

As a fellow business owner, I realised working directly with clients that PR and Marketing is still misunderstood and under-utilised.

kv comms founder kristel valaydon

Company owners and CFOs want to see the direct result to their business’ bottom line. True long term business success comes from building a trusted brand. The value and benefits of brand building take years to appreciate however but once acquired is priceless.

A marketing and PR geek, I have always been intrigued by the psychology behind brands. How, with a combination of insights, creativity and story-telling, creative marketing campaigns can connect, inspire, drive action and develop consumer loyalty.

It was on my own career journey did I truly understand how, through authenticity, transparency and social consciousness, PR was also aligned to a far more strategic leadership role.

I believe that we rise by lifting others. Connection and collaboration over competition to help others.

I look forward to supporting you with your business and marketing goals.

Brilliant Strategic Partners I Work With

Lena Robinson_FTSQ_square

Lena Robinson – Business Consultancy

Lena’s a straight-talking Kiwi that’s worked in London for the last 16 years and has close to 28 years experience in business. They specialise in supporting non-conformist business owners to achieve all the things they were told they couldn’t.
Full Bio
Karen Black

Karen Black – Web Design & Tech

Karen’s combination of creativity and technical knowledge makes her one of our preferred partners to help small businesses grow online. She helps eco-conscious business owners create great websites that get results.
Full Bio
Kim Baptiste

Kim Baptiste – Strategy & Events

Kim’s career in PR, Marketing and Sales spans over 30 years and her clear strategic thinking and grounded approach makes her a valuable partner to work with. Her work has overseen campaigns for Mulberry, Country Casuals and John Lewis.
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