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Workshop Coffee Portfolio

KV Communications launched ST ALi UK, raising awareness of the coffee bar and roastery at the tipping point of the UK independent coffee scene in the media. Relationship building with the major national and food and drink titles and digital, online and blogging communities helped showcase its commitment in delivering excellent quality products and helped position the company as a leading coffee company in the UK.  A year after its launch, KV Communications also handled news of the rebrand to Workshop Coffee.

Case study available on request

“KV Communications has been an invaluable asset to this organisation from the onset of a conceptual idea to the full implementation of an integrated PR and marketing approach. The results and activity generated from her approach is a testament to Kristel’s perseverance, open minded and versatile work ethic. With KV Communications, the marketing approach is assessed and tackled from all angles making it a complete package and an ideal support structure for any business with marketing requirements.”  James Dickson, Executive Director of ST. ALi UK, now known as Workshop Coffee Co.

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