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Small Business Chat 2021 – Thank You!

If the past two years have taught us anything, trying to be consistent during unpredictable and ever-changing times can be a challenge, but so important to persist.

If you have tuned in and watched our Small Business Chat episodes we just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for your time, insights, and comments.

Despite the ups and downs of 2021, we still managed to deliver 37 episodes packed with value within 30 mins (ish) that we hope helps you as a small business owner or SME with purpose.

The Chaos Of Running A Small Business or SME.

Running a business can be stressful, frustrating, and overwhelming enough so we prefer a freestyle flow of a light live chat, even though that comes with unruly curly hair, live gaffs, and medicinal mid-morning cuppas (no judgement as to what you’re drinking).

It’s not smooth or perfect but neither is business success. We’re living/working in the hot mess, so we’re going to be broadcasting from there too!

Successful Businesses – We Need You.

We’re firm believers you don’t have to wait until you are successful to make those changes. Plus with everything going on around us, small can be great too. Business can be a force for good and help drive impact.

What we do know is we can’t do it alone.

As service providers, we want you, no we need you to succeed and help drive that change.

We structure our chats with you in mind to ensure we’re asking the questions you need to know, introducing you to some great like-minded experts sharing what you need to consider to ensure you get the best service to help your business.

As we look to improving we’d like to know your feedback and ask if you’d be so kind to answer the following questions here.

Saluting Our Small Business Chat Superstars.

We could not have achieved a continuous succession of 37 episodes this year without our brilliant guests in our network.

Many, many thanks to them for sharing their time and insights and if you haven’t checked out their episodes (where have you been?!), you can view them all here.

Please be sure to like the episode, provide a comment, and please subscribe to the channel. We have included their details within the episode description so please do connect with them directly – we chose them for a reason!

Watch the episodes here:

How Your Personal Strengths Are Key To Business Success – with guest Tracey Latteman, Executive Coach THL

How To Create A Powerful Business Value Proposition – with guest Raj Randhawa, WordUp

Small Business Collaboration And How It Works

5 Ways PR Can Futureproof Your Business

Keeping It Real In Business – with guest Jo Hall, Transformation Mentor

Small Business Owner Personality Traits & Behaviours – with guest Catherine Manning, ActionCoach Bromley

Sustainability – The Ethical and the Farcical

CSR vs Sustainability – with guest Nancy Hyne, Founder of True Horizon

Websites – Choosing the Right Domain, Hosting and Platform

Can You ‘Hack’ Your Way To Business Success

Building A Personal vs Business Brand Through PR

Supercharge Your Focus For Business Success – with guest Gill McKay, My Brain International

Choosing The Right Website Platform For Your Business

Creating A Successful Website Homepage – with guest Lynne Stainthorpe, Founder of Big Idea Brand Marketing

Creating A Knock Out Content Strategy Plan For Business

7 Online Business Tools To Reduce Overwhelm and Drive Sales – with guest Sally Wadhwa, Founder of The Fearless Tech Lounge

Your Website Optimization Checklist

The Key Elements Of A Good Business Case Study

Getting Visible, Driving Traffic and Building Brands Online – with guests Emily and Alan Braithwaite, Founders of Yellow Tuxedo and Ringmasters of The Digital Circus

Embracing Your Inner Rebel

Your Essential B Corp Checklist  – with guest Nancy Hyne, Founder of True Horizon

Demystifing PR For Your Business

How Much Does PR Cost

How To Create A PR Strategy

How To Measure PR’s Value

Getting Visible – Your Guide To Getting Media Coverage – with guest Julie Brown, Visibility and PR Expert

Be Your Own Leader With PR

Avoiding Business Owner Burnout

How To Pitch Your Services And Win More Clients – with guest Andy Bargery, Founder of Klaxon Marketing and the Agency Squared Community

Embracing A Slow Marketing Approach For Your Business

How To Create Digital Services and Products – with guest Karen Davies, Pink Lemon Branding and Digital Course Creator and Coach

Streamlining Your Marketing

Travelling With Climate Concern – with guest Laurence Sarno, Co-Founder of Mia Bazo

Alternatives To Facebook – with guest Sally Wadhwa, Founder of The Fearless Tech Lounge

Understanding UX Design That Converts – with guest Louis Fulcher, Founder of Unearthed Agency

Using Social Media Ethically and Effectively – with guest Alexis Bushnell, Founder of Bushnell Community Solutions

Personal Vs Business Branding – with guest Lynne Stainthorpe, Founder of Big Idea Brand Marketing

And Finally…..Here’s to 2022.

Whilst we’ve been keen to provide you with the topics and answer the questions we keep hearing from our clients and within our networks, next year will see some changes as we roll out our core themes:

  • Skills – The “How-Tos” and Must Know Section To Help You with Small Business Success.
  • Inspire – Stories from Business Owners and their own stories.
  • Inform – Reviewing what’s going on around us in the world and in our communities and what we can do to drive positive change.

If you’re a small business owner or SME and ready to shine your light and sharing your views and insights on Small Business Chat, please let us know by emailing and including ‘Small Business Chat 2022’ in the subject title.

Until then, we wish you a peaceful, successful, and brighter year in 2022.

Best wishes,

Kristel Valaydon (KVComms) and Karen Black (HubFizz), co-hosts of Small Business Chat

KV Communications Founder; Helping Businesses with Passion, Heart and Purpose by providing Clarity, Confidence and Connections in Marketing and PR.

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