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Kv Comms Is 3 Years Old

Three Years Old And Still Counting!

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KV Communications celebrated its third birthday this weekend and I can’t lie – I’m a little chuffed to say the least which has spurned me to start this year’s blog quest by commemorating this milestone.

To celebrate there was cake consumption, bubbles, a little disbelief that I hadn’t mucked things up followed by more cake consumption. Instead I now look back and think how lucky I am and how far we’ve come to have worked with exciting and dynamic companies and brands as well as wonderful colleagues and partners. More importantly the chance to come full circle and reflect what has been learnt over this fun but a definitely, oh so definitely challenging journey.

I had the chance to meet the person who’s helped point the company in the direction in which we’re moving forwards. The man to whom I paid homage with the company’s first blog – Simon Sinek. His TED talk ‘Start With They Why’ helped articulate (finally) why we’re so successful in how we promote our clients – how we find the right angle (their why) to make them appeal to those who will spread the word and help build their reputation. Equally it is this talk and book, which has helped the company focus and choose like-minded clients and partners to work with and grow the business.

Mr Sinek was recently in London for his latest book launch Leaders Eat Last’ (I have an extra copy if you’d like to borrow it!) – which is ideal timing for the next phase in the company’s life. It focusses on how we benefit when we serve others and the sense of purpose it gives us, as well as ensuring that the companies we build are done on a foundation of trust and respect.

It’s a notion I whole heartedly share – KV Communications exists to serve our clients, to build their long term success by helping them build their reputation and credibility. We work with our clients as part of a team to help them succeed. The KV Communications team itself is a family which I’m grateful to be able to work with, and who understands why we want to serve our clients and how we do so. Our partners, colleagues and network who also support this vision have been invaluable to the company’s development – not only to reach this stage but it’s continued progression.

This experience has been truly unforgettable which makes the journey ahead even more exciting.

Thank you for your support, and look forward to sharing our news, views and developments over this year with you.



KV Communications Founder; Helping Businesses with Passion, Heart and Purpose by providing Clarity, Confidence and Connections in Marketing and PR.

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