Origin Story

KV Comms was founded 2011, with a quest in mind

In a time where profit was king for agencies no matter the cost, how could we build a better business model that supports clients with their interests in mind? 

How do we help them navigate the confusion of marketing and PR solutions and deliver the campaigns that served their budget, time and resource needs?

Equally how could we work within our values of integrity and transparency, bringing in our blend of energy and creativity to drive real impact?

And so KV Comms was a rebel with a cause….

Our company legacy was never about fast growth. It was about working with like-minded clients who could appreciate and adopt a more dynamic comms approach to share their ‘why’, desire for positive change and build longer lasting impact.

Instead of style over substance with reactive short-term media coverage, we instilled the value of leadership, strategy, storytelling and connection.

We have and will always challenge our clients to move away from what they think they need, to what will drive the reputation and results they really care about.

Today, we’re seeing how better business can make a difference in local, industry and global issues

Our ‘why’ is inspired by the saying ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’ – we rise by lifting others.

Our mission is to empower changemakers through the power of community – build strong connections through comms to unite and deliver their strategic vision.

Our drive and determination in our approach makes us a valued partner as we’re invested in our clients’ goals. The way we see it, your success is everyone’s success.

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Kristel Valaydon
Founder of KV Comms

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