Educate Culture Vs Cancel Culture

We are all heartbroken watching war take place. Acts of aggression by one leader, whilst innocent people suffer and the world’s citizens feel helpless are ...
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Yellow awareness ribbon in female hand on wooden background

Womens’ Health In Business – Part 1

Over the years I’ve found so much joy in empowering others and helping them achieve their business goals with their marketing comms and PR. I’ve ...
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Small Business Chat 2021 – Thank You!

If the past two years have taught us anything, trying to be consistent during unpredictable and ever-changing times can be a challenge, but so important ...
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PR; The ‘Eat Your Greens’ Service For Better Business Health

I often refer to PR as an ‘Eat Your Greens’ service. It’s a business mindset for better, stronger business health. Like most things that are ...
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7 Steps To Make An Impact And Drive Positive Change With Key PR Skills

Recently, I’ve found myself discussing and debating more issues than I can shake a stick at. I’m looking at situations and hearing conversations that just ...
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10 Business Lessons To Take Forward Into 2020 – Part 2

In the last blog, I started to outline the lessons and mantras from the last decade, that I’ll bring forward. Whilst the lessons are delivered ...
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Ten Lessons To Take Into 2020 Part 1 640x360@2x

Happy New Year – 10 Business Lessons To Take Forward Into 2020 (Part 1)

Every year I learn a valuable business lesson which becomes a ‘mantra’ I then adopt. I took this time of quiet reflection over the holidays ...
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Driving Impact Using Data and Creativity In Your Marketing Campaigns.

When we speak of creativity in business and marketing – what exactly do we mean by that? We often associate creativity with a talent – ...
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Two Questions for your PR and media relations activity 640x360

Two Important Questions In PR and Media Relations For Relevancy

Our PR blog series highlights how to achieve results for your business that creates impact. One of the ways is of course, media relations – ...
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Four Types Of Media To Target With Your PR Activity

PR is a valuable asset in marketing. If you’re serious about building a brand, building credibility and attracting leads is key to achieving long-term business ...
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Whose Brand Is It Anyway 640x360

Whose Brand Is It Anyway?

Isn’t it great when you hire an expert, whether to decorate, sort out a leak or fix your car? You can relax knowing the job ...
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Why Cant PR Handle Its Own Image 640x360

The Ugly Truth: Why Can’t PR Handle Its Own Reputation?

In the last blog, I outlined the importance for business owners to understand the full role and capabilities of PR. By doing so companies will ...
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How To Get Results and Impact With Your PR Agency 640x360

How To Achieve Results and Impact With Your PR Agency

Over the years I’ve spoken to many people about their experiences with PR agencies and professionals. Whilst it’s always great to hear positive success stories, ...
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Getting Back To Basics; The Power of People Skills To Create Business Success

It’s a new year and this week the world officially returned to work. How was it for you? I particularly enjoyed a digital detox over ...
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Overcoming Blocks cropped

Overcoming Blocks To Move Your Business Forward

When you’re running your own business there’s so much to do, it’s never ending. It’s easy to put your head down and not come up ...
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Do You Really Need The Expense Of A Launch Event?

When clients tell us they’re launching a product or service, it’s not unusual for them to excitedly divulge their plans for a launch event which ...
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Is The Press Release Dead?

There are so many media channels to consider nowadays – all asking to be pitched to differently when you approach them. Bloggers, editors and writers ...
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Integrated Marketing – The Combination To Unlocking Business Success

One of the common discussions I have with prospective clients, friends or colleagues within my network is the success of their marketing, particularly what works ...
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Cheers to that

Celebrating Our Fifth Birthday – 10 Lessons I\’ve Learned Running A Business

I’m delighted (read thrilled/humbled/slightly bemused) to announce that KV Communications is celebrating its fifth anniversary this month. Oh yes – five years ago I made ...
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brand communications

How does Brand Communications Impact Today’s Marketers?

It’s always exciting working with new clients and have the opportunity to face fresh new challenges, devise creative solutions and provide different perspectives to a ...
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from pr to communications

From ‘PR’ To ‘Communications’

We’re seeing a shift where companies are calling themselves ‘Communications’ instead of ‘PR’. For a long time, PR has been considered ‘fluffy’. Marketers or business ...
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simon sinek

Starting with the ‘Why’

It seems apt that our first blog post pays homage to the inspirational talk that best articulates the way I view marketing and communications – ...
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