Starting with the ‘Why’

It seems apt that our first blog post pays homage to the inspirational talk that best articulates the way I view marketing and communications – Simon Sinek’s ‘Start With The Why’. My fascination with Public Relations in particular, was fuelled with the excitement of working with marketing and brands – learning why certain products were so appealing, the personality traits they possessed, and what made customers loyal (sometimes blindingly so) to these brands.

Whilst generating coverage for these brands is a positive necessity under the PR remit, it’s only part of the relationship building process. PR is about building reputation – introducing and encouraging influential advocates to endorse what you do, engaging directly with customers. Whilst that reputation build is essential for long term success, it also needs to be constantly managed, protected and ensure that there is a constant dialogue, a two way relationship between you and your audience. But where to start?

As Simon Sinek’s TED talk examines – why are some brands more successful than others? ‘Do business with people who believe what you believe’. This certainly applies for clients who want to drive their business by inspiring and exciting their customers with what they do. It builds their reputation through endorsement from similarly-minded advocates.

As Sinek explains – ‘People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it’. A powerful brand will always seek to evolve, develop, break the moulds that try to confine them or their industry. By communicating a company’s core passion and drive, we also unveil the story behind the brand and distinguish them from their competitors. The audience starts to understand and trust the company, and by believing in its values and what it’s trying to achieve, they’re ready to do business.

Watch Simon Sinek’s TED Talk here:

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