The Extended Strategy Audit

Achieve ‘Know How’ & ‘Can Do’ with The Extended Strategy Audit

You need expertise and know-how to help create and build momentum in your business or mission, but also interim support for a flying start.

What would it mean for your business to have expert strategic brand marketing and comms support in your company to set you on the right track?

We’re offer a flexible and supportive solution between in-house and agency solutions until you can invest into more long term support.

  • We work alongside you to better understand your vision and goals.
  • We create your strategy and set up the activity on your behalf.
  • We represent you and your interests confidently and professionally.
  • We factor in your budget limits and maximises spend for better return.
  • We introduce key contacts to you, and negotiate great partnerships on your behalf.
  • We guide you in the right direction and set you up for success.

You’re a business owner or team leader within an organization looking to understand how to create real impact.

Introducing our 5 Spheres of Connection® strategic framework

Drive your vision, promote innovation, deliver impact and create sustainable, long-lasting positive change.

Our framework will help communicate your story to connect with people at a deeper level; unite and mobilize the ‘spheres’ in your community to become an integral driver of your success.

Break down silos.
Break through resistance.
Break free with community.

Watch the video:

visionaries leaders
trailblazers teams
champions advocates
discoverers eraly adopters
pathfinders partners
5 Spheres of Connection mobile
Together we can break new ground.

What’s included (example support package provided)

  • We will take you through the process of working through the five spheres of connection to drive momentum and impact for your business or organization.
  • Briefing session going through your business goals, objectives, values, messaging and targets
  • Review, research and create brand strategy marketing activation that will help you reach your business goals
  • Development of tailor-made strategic brand marketing and comms activity
  • Development of tailor-made content strategy and content plan
    Work with team on training or social media management
  • Meetings with key media and business partnerships to deliver activity

Packages start from £5,000 + VAT. Additional training required costed separately.


  • Peace of mind with business support being handled professionally
  • An additional team member to work alongside with whilst no longer feeling isolated
  • Guidance and support to understand and implement the programme created, and what to expect
  • Dynamic communication of your vision and build stronger connections across your spheres of influence for greater impact
  • Driven creative solutions and storytelling to breakdown silos
  • Accountability to see initial results to break through and build momentum
  • Space to work more creatively and with better energy and excitement around your business
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