The Rebel Network®

A Manifesto

We are the rebels, misfits, pirates, and mavericks; the trailblazers who see the world for not what it is, but what it has the potential to be. 

Together we are refusing the dysfunction of the status quo.

We choose cooperation and collaboration over division – breaking down silos will make us stronger.

We no longer dream of change, we create it.  We take action to build and innovate to benefit our communities, our planet and future generations.

Businesses and organizations can be a force for good, possessing the values, purpose and drive to inspire, lead and transform:

We are the changemakers; passionate visionaries driving impactful and constructive change. Creative and innovative thinkers with a desire to build a sustainable and positive legacy for others.

We are the difference makers; purpose driven supporters who deliver a positive impact through their skills and expertise. They inspire, empower and enable visionaries to accomplish powerful changes to reach their full potential and make a difference.

Together we will:

  • Be forever curious:  We have a relentless desire to learn and improve. We welcome new or divergent thinking to find sustainable and effective solutions.
  • Lead with integrity: We stray true to ourselves and our values prioritising honesty and transparency in everything we do.
  • Be courageous: We are committed to have the uncomfortable conversations and face the inconvenient truths, with the aim to resolve our conflicts and find solutions.
  • Empower each other: We rise by lifting others. We support, activate and collaborate to bring out the best in ourselves and others.
  • Stay resilient: We embrace that change comes with challenges and have the adaptability, optimism, perseverance and humour to achieve success.

COMING SOON: Blazing trails, we have matches and we ride at dawn!

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