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Is The Press Release Dead?

There are so many media channels to consider nowadays – all asking to be pitched to differently when you approach them. Bloggers, editors and writers want an outline pitch on email, demonstrating that you’ve read their title, know their content…

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Fresh New Look For Kv Comms

A Fresh New Look for KV Communications

Welcome to the new look KV Communications – we’ve been a little busy over the past couple of months and as you can see, we have made a few tweaks. As we celebrated our third anniversary this year, I did…

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Kv Comms Is 3 Years Old

Three Years Old And Still Counting!

KV Communications celebrated its third birthday this weekend and I can’t lie - I’m a little chuffed to say the least which has spurned me to start this year’s blog quest by commemorating this milestone. To celebrate there was cake…

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