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Month 1: Houston, we have a problem!

For a time of supposed reflection and let’s be honest, hibernation, the start of the year can actually be quite exhausting, can’t it? For some, it’s even stressful and emotional. Apparently, January is when most people file for divorce. Now,…

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5 Reasons Business Bootcamp Will Lead To Success

When I came across Gemma Went, a business mentor and digital strategist, I was having a humdinger end to 2017. Despite six years in business, I had encountered issues that made me realise the cracks in my business model. Whilst…

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Overcoming Blocks To Move Your Business Forward

When you’re running your own business there’s so much to do, it’s never ending. It’s easy to put your head down and not come up for air until everything’s done but it's a constant process. Some people revel in this,…

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