Educate Culture Vs Cancel Culture


We are all heartbroken watching war take place. Acts of aggression by one leader, whilst innocent people suffer and the world’s citizens feel helpless are just senseless.

Many of us are trying to do what we can in order to support or even if at all possible, make a meaningful impact.

What Is Meaningful In Times Of Crisis?

In times of fear and desperation, it’s heart-warming to see humans stand up in solidarity and help – from voicing their support, donating, protesting, offering services to organizing aid and refuge. Or if you’re Elon Musk, responding to a tweet and going full-on Tony Stark and moving satellites to aid Ukraine’s communication capabilities (wow)!

As businesses owners and marketers, we’re all looking at what we can do, or be seen to be doing – but for whose benefit, really? I found this article by Mark Ritson in Marketing Week puts things into context.

In these extreme cases, war rarely happens out of the blue….it’s easy to blame the ‘mad man’ and ‘war criminal’ behind it but extreme situations are often fuelled by consequences that were otherwise dismissed whilst convenient.

As UK Government sanctions take place in the wake of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, we’re learning just how much ex-Soviet money laundering in the UK has been overlooked and allowed.

Maybe it’s not enough to be vocal when the reality of our own compliance comes to light.

It’s not enough to be anti-war but also pro-peace and humanity so we stop the cycle from constantly repeating itself.

Working On Our Own Conflict Resolution

If the past couple of years has taught me anything, nothing is black and white – read everything, learn both sides of the story. Even if you don’t agree with the other side you should still listen with openness and respect and a willingness to have your mind changed.

I saw this after Brexit and how angry we all were  – with our friends, loved ones, colleagues. How could we have been so ignorant of how divided we were?

More recently during a pandemic, qualified and professional voices were ostracised and deleted for questioning the narrative when it came to patient care. We saw unqualified ‘fact checkers’ remove professional doctors and scientists from their channels, along with efforts to discredit and public ridicule them in the media. Whilst science and federal law will have to reveal the truth – yet again the discussion got heated for many.

Cancel culture is easy – we are quick to dismiss another’s opinion just because we don’t agree or it’s not convenient to us, but that only escalates and becomes aggressive and disrespectful. Where is the room to discuss, and educate as surely that is what leads to a peaceful discussion and problem-solving?

Having those difficult conversations with compassion and dignity, especially as they impact our personal and professional lives is the only way we create positive ripples of change that create good examples.

Despite being on opposite sides of the debate, fellow Supreme Court Associate Justices, Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsberg were close friends. They still found common ground, respect, and friendship above the political and judicial battleground, through a love of opera.

Or the American R&B and blues musician Daryl Davis who after an encounter with the KKK helped cure racism through education to help break down hate and convert 200 white supremacists.

Creating Ripple Effects Of Constructive Communication

In Small Business Chat we speak to the Founder of Let’s Stop Shouting Day, Yasmin Shaheen-Zaffar, a qualified therapeutic counselor and psychotherapist. Her aim is to encourage and facilitate healthy open debate without shutting people down or resulting in resentment manifesting into shouting, aggression, abuse, or violence.

She also promotes non-violent communication by sharing free resources and strategies for assertive communication, de-escalation techniques, and learning to manage aggressive situations.

The pressure and frustration of everyday life can make it a challenge to stay calm and collective – we discuss a healthier way to communicate.

It can be done!

Watch how here and don’t forget to leave a comment.

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